From the Editor


A couple years ago, following another very successful Metro Lutheran Annual Dinner, I received one of the few negative phone calls which the event generated.

The nature of this woman’s phone call came as something of a surprise to me. She said, “I opened the dinner booklet, to the section where congregations are thanked for providing annual financial support. I looked and looked and couldn’t find my congregation listed. Then I realized, it simply wasn’t there. I’m upset! I’m embarrassed! I’m taking this to the church council. There’s no reason for it.”

I was impressed by her zeal. And a year later I noticed, with satisfaction, when reviewing the roster of supporting congregations, that hers was there on the list.

Oh, for a passionate soldier like her in 550 more congregations! Metro Lutheran circulates in over 700 congregations each year. Around 150 provide financial support. Thanks be to God for the 150. (But, to paraphrase Our Lord, after receiving thanks from only one of ten lepers who had been healed, “Where are the 550?”)

On page 16 of this month’s print edition you will find a list of all the Lutheran congregations who provided financial support to Metro Lutheran between September 1, 1999 and August 31, 2000. Please take a look. See if your congregation is included on the list.

You can help us. If your congregation is not included, ask your pastor why you’re missing from the list.

If the pastor doesn’t deal with details like this, find out who does. It might be the treasurer, or the chair of the parish council, or a committee head.

If it’s a matter of a tight budget, remind the decision makers that some congregations provide as little as $25 a year. (Our top-giving congregation gave $1,200 last year.)
A contribution before December 31 would help us a lot. Thank you for caring.