From the Editor


Some months back, in this column, I alerted readers to the fact that there is a quick and easy way to help feed hungry people — assuming you have access to the Internet.

A creative entrepreneur in Indiana figured out a way to secure commercial sponsors for a web site called “The Hunger Site.” Open up and click on the “donate food” button. A half-dozen commercial sponsors will donate food to hungry people for you. There’s no cost to you, except a minute of your time and effort.

Since I reported on that site, I’ve learned two things. First, a lot of you already knew about (and also, a site named “” that uses the same concept to get new trees planted).

Second, I discovered that GreaterGood, which is the name of the creator of The Hunger Site, has expanded the program.

Today, if you go to, you’ll find five additional ways to be a generous donor (of somebody else’s money). Now it will take you six minutes, not just one, but the effort will be worth six times as much as it was before.
Here are the new choices:

* The Rainforest Site allows you to donate toward the purchase of endangered rainforest acreage worldwide.
The Kids Aids Site permits you to donate the cost of free care for afflicted children.

* The Child Survival Site provides money to purchase Vitamin A for malnourished kids.

* The Breast Cancer Site collects donations for free mammograms for women who would otherwise not get them.

* The Landmine Site directs donated funds to the care of victims of landmine accidents.

The proliferation of options at is a testimony to one person’s creative thinking and persistence.

Add to your bookmarks list. And … happy clicking!

— Michael L. Sherer