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Excelsior man heads new Lutheran church administrators’ group

New LCBAA officers, from left: Steven Peterson, Chuck Wendt, Gordon Thomas, Linda Hudgins

New LCBAA officers, from left: Steven Peterson, Chuck Wendt, Gordon Thomas, Linda Hudgins

Following two years of preliminary conversation, Lutheran members of the National Association of Church Business Administration (NAC BA) have decided to form their own sub-unit, representing Lutherans.

Lutheran participants in the NACBA convention held July 9-13 in San Diego, California, ratified a constitution and bylaws to form the Lutheran Church Business Administration Asso-ciation (LCBAA). The organization will be pan-Lutheran.
Heading the new group will be Gordon Thomas, a member of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church (ELCA), Excelsior, Minnesota. Thomas explained the importance of the new group, saying, “Other denominations have long histories of supporting and encouraging congregations to look at the role of a church business administrator. Lutheran churches have much to gain from the church business administrator who uniquely combines an understanding of business operations with a personal calling to do the ministry of the church.”

Also elected were Chuck Wendt, Vice President, St. Paul Lutheran Church (LCMS), Fort Worth, Texas; Steven Peterson, Treasurer, Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd (ELCA), Olympia, Washington; and Linda Hudgins, Secretary, Northeastern Iowa Synod (ELCA), Waverly, Iowa.
The new group sees its mission to extend the kingdom of God through study, service and fellowship to improve and appreciate the ministry and discipline of Christian business administration.

First-year goals will be to promote membership and awareness through the communication channels available through ELCA, LCMS, and Thrivent Financial for Lutherans.
For more information about LCBAA, call Gordon Thomas, 952/474-8893, or e-mail to Gordon.Thomas@mountcal