From the Editor

Five Things That Make Me Thankful

Michael L. Sherer

Michael L. Sherer

A message from the editor of Metro Lutheran.

Thanksgiving is a whole-year project for Christians. But November
is a traditional month during which an editor likes to give it some

Here are some things for which I’m thankful right now:

* I’m thankful for the time God gives each of us to make a
difference for good, and the health we have as a gift, enabling our
faithful living. And, I’m thankful for those who made a difference,
but whose lives are now ended.

I was reminded of that on the day I wrote this editorial. Our office
manager phoned me at home and communicated to my wife, who
quickly told me, that the keynote speaker for the Metro Lutheran
Annual Dinner, then only a week away, had suddenly died. We
were faced with finding a fast replacement. At that moment I was
reminded of the good work Tom DiNanni did, writing “Seeker’s
Diary” for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, who was only 61 when he
died. He and his weekly columns will be missed in the Twin Cities.

* I’m thankful that the Holy Scriptures have so many messages
from prophets who call us to do justice. Without those voices, we
would be tempted to drown ourselves in lives of self-protective
overindulgence. Those prophetic voices keep tugging at me,
forcing me to ask, “Are we, and our elected officials, remembering
the most vulnerable in our midst?” The prophets did.

* I’m thankful for second chances. The Lutheran version of
Christianity knows as well as any that we are by nature sinful and
unclean, and that without forgiveness we’d fall into despair. Grace
means unconditional love we desperately need but don’t deserve.
Thank God it’s available, every day. (Now, if I could just remember
to do a better job of responding to that gift by thanking, praising,
serving and obeying God!)

* I’m thankful for a secure future, guaranteed by a powerful and
loving God. That assurance frees me to take appropriate risks for
the sake of the world.

* I’m thankful for the opportunity to edit this fascinating pan-
Lutheran journal. I thank God every day for loyal readers and
supporters like you.