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Bethany Lutheran College to offer Christ in Media Conference

Bethany Lutheran College’s Professor Thomas Kuster quickly noted, “There is no substitute to one person talking to another person [about their faith] — neighbor to neighbor or co-worker to co-worker.” But, he says, “the world now has seven billion people, and there’s not enough of us to reach all people. In these last days, the Lord has given us the gift of mass media that we can put to use in his service.”

Kuster, who founded of the college’s communications department 20 years ago, has established the Christ in Media Institute at Bethany to respond to this challenge. The institute exists “[t]o advance the effective use of technology for Gospel outreach in world missions.” Supported by a grant from The Antioch Foundation, Bethany faculty members and others are creating a worldview to support the outreach effort.

Bethany Lutheran College Professor Thomas Kuster; photo provided by Bethany Lutheran College

The institute will sponsor its second Christ in Media Conference at Bethany Lutheran College, Mankato, Minnesota, October 12-14. The conference is a chance to bring together individuals “with a variety of experience and expertise in a dynamic atmosphere of creative problem- solving and innovation,” according to Kuster.

Seven people involved in mission or in a technical field have been invited to discuss the topic “media outreach in world missions.” They will not offer lectures, but will gather people interested in a particular topic and facilitate a discussion. “Our invited guests will toss out challenges and then lead a discussion.

“We are not restricting this to any denomination or expertise,” he told Metro Lutheran. “We want to showcase what is already going on, and to bring diverse strands together to support and inspire each other.”

Institute board members will circulate noting specific action items so that the group can develop a plan for the future.

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