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Faithful and Reforming: The necessity of right fellowship

If mapped out on paper, the history of the Lutheran church in America resembles a tree with myriad branches. Some branches bend toward each other for a time, and then head a separate way. Sometimes twigs split off forming new branches. The Church of the Lutheran Confession (CLC), a Lutheran body with about 80 congregations read on ..

Augsburg Confession: Defense, Profession, and Invitation

The 25th day of June in 1530 was an auspicious day for the Christian church in the Holy Roman Empire. On that day Saxon chancellor Christian Beyer read the Augsburg Confession to Emperor Charles V and the assembled representatives at the Diet of Augsburg in southwestern Germany. Prepared by Martin Luther’s friend Philip Melanchthon, with read on ..

Of reindeer, hunger, and hope

There had been years of famine in the land. For the Inupiaq, an indigenous people living north of Nome, Alaska, and south of the Arctic Circle, hunger gripped them in the early 1890s. A government leader and teacher, Sheldon Jackson, suggested that introducing reindeer and reindeer husbandry into these communities might alleviate their suffering. Herds read on ..

Praising God in English: Lutherans and the language transition

Upon their arrival in North America, European Lutheran emigrants had to immediately face the reality of the English language, spoken by most of the rest of the citizens of the United States and Canada. Like almost all other immigrants, Lutherans sought initially to establish religious institutions in their native languages, but soon had to face read on ..

August 1961: M. L. King and Lutherans Divided

August, for many Americans, will always be associated with the sainted Martin Luther King, Jr. In August 1963 his “I Have a Dream” speech at Washington’s Lincoln Memorial captivated millions. Exactly two years earlier, King addressed 14,000 young Lutherans at the first Luther League Convention of The American Lutheran Church (ALC). “To supporters, King was read on ..

Repentance is easier — and harder — than you think

Martin Luther spent his career as a teacher of the Bible at the University of Wittenberg. However, when he assumed that role upon the completion of his doctor’s degree in 1512, he did not give up his priestly and pastoral duties. He continued to preach frequently, and, most importantly for the topic of this article, read on ..

On reformation and reflection

Reformation Sunday (the last Sunday in October) and All Saints’ Sunday (the first Sunday in November) have become, for me, the “high holy days” of my Lutheran identity. In part this is true because what had been important holidays — Christmas and Easter, for example — have been so co-opted by commercial culture that they read on ..

ELCA’s St. Paul Area Synod bishop censures and admonishes two churches

Mark Hanson disciplines St. Paul-Reformation and Hosanna! congregations Two St. Paul Area ELCA congregations were censured and admonished by their bishop in June for breaking the denomination’s rules. Both congregations ordained candidates for ministry whom the ELCA says are not eligible. The Rev. Mark Hanson received support from his synod council when taking the actions. read on ..

Association Free Lutheran Theological Seminary, Plymouth, loses its popular dean

Dr. Francis W. Monseth, 71, dean of the Association Free Lutheran Theological Seminary, Plymouth, Minnesota, and professor of systematic theology, died suddenly on March 29, Good Friday. Born in Minot, North Dakota, son of the Rev. Fritjof and Olga Monseth, he graduated from Oak Grove Lutheran High School, Fargo, and continued his education at the read on ..

Are you as excited as we are?

Have you been reading the “commentaries” by Metro Lutheran board members that appear in each issue? For the last six months, volunteer board members have been “testifying” about why they devote time, energy, and money to Metro Lutheran. I have been pretty touched. (Read what Lois Holtz and Jason Schierschlight have to write in its read on ..

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