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The President of the 2.6 million member Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod said on September 29 that the ready availability of RU-486, a pill which enables abortions, is “a great evil.”
The Rev. A.L. Barry said in a prepared statement that the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of RU-486 for use in the United States will further contribute to the devaluation of life in America.
Said Barry, “RU-486 will make it easier for women to take the life of their own children and will both strengthen and perpetuate the myth of our culture that the unborn are not worthy of the right to life.”
Barry said the ruling shows that our culture“places personal convenience above personal responsibility.”
The LCMS and the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod both officially oppose all abortions. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America opposes most abortions, but supports certain exceptions, notably when the health of the mother would otherwise be at risk.
Virtually all smaller U.S. Lutheran groups agree with LCMS and WELS. Lutherans for Life, an independent national anti-abortion group centered in Nevada, Iowa, receives LCMS support. WELS sponsors its own sanctity-of-life organization.