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Merged Lutheran fraternal wants to call itself "Thrivent"

But 2.2 million policy owners must vote on it.

The president and CEO, of recently merged Aid Association for Lutherans/Lutheran Brotherhood, along with the chair of its board of directors, announced at a St. Paul, Minnesoa, press conference on Febru-ary 12 that the leadership of the $58.6 billion Lutheran fraternal wants to re-name itself “Thrivent Finan-cial for Lutherans.”
Bruce Nicholson and John Gilbert an-nounced the proposed new name, along with a proposed new corporate logo (shown here) during a media event at the St. Paul Hotel. Until last year, the new organization had existed as two separate financial giants, Aid Association for Lutherans (AAL) and Lutheran Brotherhood (LB).
Gilbert said the new identity would “position us for the future, while reflecting our heritage of serving Lutherans.”
There had been speculation that the name “Lutheran” might be dropped from the new identity, but that has not been proposed.
Responding to a question from Metro Lutheran, Gilbert said the organization hired a firm specializing in “branding.” He said 850 possible names were identified, from which list seven were finally selected. Nicholson said, “John and I both reviewed the list of seven, independent of one another, and both of us chose ‘Thrivent’ as our preference.”
The new company’s board has ratified the recommendation and, according to Nichol-son, “Our sales force members are enthusiastic about it.”
Ballots are being mailed to 2.2 policyholders, who will be asked to vote on the proposal. If approved, the name and symbol will see use by mid-year.