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Sixth generation baptized at Augustana Lutheran

You might think the real story behind the baptism of Sara Kysylyczyn on Mother’s Day (May 11) is that her father is the mayor of Roseville, Minnesota.
The real story is that Sara’s baptism extends to six generations one family’s member involvement at Augustana Lutheran Church, 704 – 11th Ave. S., Minneapolis.
Sara’s mother, Teresa (included in the photo shown with this story), grew up at Augustana, as did four more generations of her family.
In ascending order, they are:
* Maila Ellefson, Sara’s grandmother (who alerted Metro Lutheran to this story). Maila’s husband, John, an ordained Lutheran pastor, married Teresa and John Kysylyczyn, also at Augustana Lutheran Church.
* Corinne Lindblom Johnson, who with her husband, Bud, were great-grandparents to Sara, and longtime Augustana members.
* Edwin Lindblom and his wife Lillian, parents to Corinne. The Lindblom name is prominent in old parish records at Augustana Church, the earliest of which are in the Swedish language.
* Emma Lindblom, Edwin’s mother, and Sara’s great-great-great grandmother, was a long-time Augustana member. She spent her last years at Augustana Home in Minneapolis, where she died, at age 98, in 1951.
Augustana’s yellow brick church building was constructed in 1886. One of Sara Kysylyczyn’s an-cestors helped lay the brick.