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Our Saviour's, St. Paul, marks 4,000 milestones

Members marked congregation’s 90th anniversary with baptismal shell replicas

There are lots of ways to celebrate a congregation’s milestones. Members of Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, on St. Paul’s east side, decided to celebrate their 90th year by lifting up milestones of each of their members.
One key marker on the list is Baptism. The Mile-stones Team at Our Saviour’s decided to schedule a “Shell Party.” The event was held on January 10, the Saturday before the day set aside on the church calendar to remember the Baptism of Our Lord. Over 4,000 shells, carefully cut from card stock, were prepared. Names of everyone ever baptized at Our Saviour’s, or ever having affirmed their baptism at Our Saviour’s, were written, one on each shell. The collection was suspended on cords in the worship center (see photo).
Researching names be-gan in October. The Rev. John Perling, pastor of the congregation, told Metro Lutheran the eight-foot-long strands of shells took around six hours to hang.