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What happens when women become empowered?

My Uncle Halvor Knudson was in a Christmas mood as he lowered himself into his booth at the No Place Cafe. He told me how he hoped Christmas shopping for his wife, Helga, would be as easy this year as it was last year.
“What made it so easy last year?” I inquired.
“Haven’t I told you this before? Helga informed me right off that I wouldn’t have to buy her a Christmas present. She would choose her own and all I had to do was pay for it.”
“That sounds like a practical way to do it. What did she buy for herself?”
“An electric Skil 3/8 inch variable speed reversing power drill! She says it changed her life completely.”
“How could that be?”
“She started out with hanging a paper towel holder in the kitchen and progressed to tiered baskets and the spice rack.
“She said it made her feel … serene! When she discovered she could make a hole in the wall and the wall didn’t fall down, it made her feel … strong! Then she discovered other women who were caught up in this drill business. She was in the Bleak Valley Country Market store and saw this green-haired teen-ager wearing a cordless model in a low-slung holster. Then she ran into a middle-aged mother excitedly telling her son about the shelves she was going to put up in his room.”
I was astonished. But Halvor wasn’t finished. “Now Helga says she wants to start a new group at church, called ‘Women of the Drill!’ Appar-ently women really feel empowered once they get an electric drill in their hands.”
“What do you think Helga and her power drill friends think about Mary, the mother of Jesus, as a model for women?”
“Good question. I’ve wondered about that too,” Halvor reflected.
So I threw out the question: “Was Mary a feminist? A women’s libber? Were all women slaves to men in those days, making her a product of her times? Or, is she a role model for all persons, male or female, who found her true self in believing that with God nothing is impossible? Maybe that alone is enough to think about as we prepare for Christ-mas this year?”
“I don’t know about any of that stuff,” Halvor grumped. “All I know is, I don’t feel all that good about the serenity and the power and the glory Helga gets out of a simple power drill!”
Well … it’s something to ponder.
“And Mary said, ‘Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. Let it be to me according to your Word.” (Luke 1:38)
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