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Concordia, St. Louis, selling adjacent campus

Only two years after buying the 8.2 acre campus of the former Christian Brothers College High School, Concordia Sem-inary in St. Louis, Missouri, has decided to sell it. Leaders of the LCMS seminary say they want to focus on their original seminary campus for pastoral training because doing so makes good stewardship sense.
So, why did Concordia buy the high school campus in the first place? The seminary’s president, Dr. Dale A. Meyer, explained, “Property in Clayton, one of the most desirable suburbs in the St. Louis region, which also features Clayton Road frontage, is never a bad investment.” He added that buying the property, even though it was only owned for two years, enabled the seminary to help determine who would own it next. In other words, Concor-dia can decide who their next-door neighbors will be.
The Marvin M. Schwan Charitable Foundation, based in Marshall, Minnesota, purchased the campus for Concordia Seminary in 2001 and offered it to the LCMS school for exclusive use. The seminary purchased the campus from Schwan in 2004.
The Schwan Foundation provides funds to conservative Lutheran groups, including LCMS, WELS and ELS.
Concordia, St. Louis, is one of two LCMS seminaries.