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St. Michael Trilogy is (finally) complete

Third book about fictional Twin Cities Lutheran parish now available

For Metro Lutheran readers having completed two-thirds of the saga of the Lutheran Church of St. Michael and All Angels (a fictional congregation in south Minneapolis), the long wait for Book 3, A Rehearsal of Praise, is finally over. Copies of the third volume are now in print and available for purchase.
Those who pre-ordered the third book will receive their copies within three weeks. For those who purchased the first two books and would like to order the third one, a coupon on page 5 in the print edition will facilitate the purchase. (Or call the Metro Lutheran office at 612 230 3282.)
Fifteen percent of all book sales will be contributed to Metro Lutheran to undergird the nonprofit’s financial operations.
All three books were written by the paper’s editor, Michael Sherer. The three-part saga spins a tale of life and ministry at a congregation formed in a south Minneapolis living room in 1929 (book 1). By the mid-1950s (book 2) the parish has become a mega-church. The story ends (book 3) in 2002.