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Kretzmann celebrates major events

On the occasion of the 65th anniversary of Norman Kretzmann’s ordination and
his 90th birthday, Christ Church Lutheran lead pastor Kristine Carlson told the
large group gathered, “When friends from out east asked Norm what he was
doing in Minnesota, he told them, ‘I’m trying to make Christians out of all these
Lutherans.’” That’s been a fulltime calling ever since.
Norm Kretzmann was ordained on August 22, 1943. In May 1944, he and
Jeannette Meyer were married. Together they began ministry in the Atlantic
District of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod in Marblehead, Massachusetts,
where they stayed for 21 years.
Moving to Minnesota in 1964, they accepted a call to Christ Church Lutheran,
Minneapolis, where they re-main members.
As plans for mergers and separations became more prominent in the 1970s and
‘80s, Kretzmann became convinced that relationships must be maintained. He
worked as ambassador with Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota and founded
Metro Lutheran newspaper as a pan-Lutheran communication vehicle.