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Lutheran Peace Fellowship trainer inspires young people to action

Lindsey Bulger clearly knows how to think on her feet. Being a visible advocate
for peacemaking efforts can often set one up for possible conflict.
But, even more important for Bulger, her work with young people who can find
many unique angles in the effort to deepen a commitment to nonviolence means
that she is constantly reinforcing good thoughts and challenging some ideas
that might be “out there.” Her own confident and yet humble personality
undoubtedly serves her well.
Bulger, originally from St. Paul, and a member at Augustana Lutheran Church,
West St. Paul, is the Youth Program Co-coordinator for Lutheran Peace
Fellowship. Its Web site describes Lutheran Peace Fellowship (LPF) as “a
community of Lutherans across the U.S. and around the globe, responding to
the gospel call to be peacemakers and justice seekers.” Based in Seattle since
1994, LPF offers a wide range of expertise, support, and resources for youth and
“The Lutheran Peace Fellowship has great resources to share,” Bulger told Metro
Lutheran during an early spring visit to the Twin Cities. “But they are more useful
if adapted for your own local needs.” Even in resource development, she clearly
thinks that everyone should be involved.
LPF was an ideal placement for me, coming out of Luther College,” Bulger
explained. “I had my introduction to peace and justice there. I applied for the
Lutheran Volunteer Corps with the intention of temporarily leaving the Midwest,
to get outside my comfort zone.” 
She now lives in an intentional community of other volunteers in Seattle. She is
challenged to live sustainably. And she gets to ”talk about Jesus without feeling
like I am stepping on toes” at the same time that she trains people to become
active peacemakers. “I believe in the transformative nature of personal
relationships, and I have a job that allows for that.”
What about her future? “Some days I don’t want such a public calling, but I do
feel some sort of call happening deep in my stomach.” The calling is evident
when she is inspiring a group of young people to live out their gospel calling
with confidence.