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It is your time to step up

Every beacon of hope needs guardians to keep the light shining brightly. Every model of excellence requires support to keep the model alive. Every resource that makes our world a better place is buoyed by committed and passionate supporters who accept their roles in keeping that resource vital and vibrant.
This is so for Metro Lutheran as well. And Metro Lutheran has been described in just this manner by people who recognize its value in our community: “a beacon of hope”; “a model of excellence”; “a resource that makes our world a better place.” Are you tuning out? Please wait! I’m speaking to you.
There are critical times in the life of every organization where ordinary people take extraordinary steps that spell the difference between losing a community treasure and leaving a legacy for future generations. It is people like you that are the lifeline for Metro Lutheran. In these difficult economic times, advertising revenue is down. That is why we are taking this extraordinary step of coming to you through the editorial section of the newspaper to ask you to give what you are able.
With a 24-year history of receiving tremendous support through our varied Lutheran readers, Metro Lutheran has been able to provide objective coverage to Lutherans of all stripes in good times and bad. Today, we face one of those critical moments in our history. We need incremental funding to make sure we remain relevant in the months and years ahead. Are you looking for someone else to step in? Please wait! You are that someone.
This is your newspaper. It is not tied to any particular synod or assembly. In the paper’s commitment to independent and pan-Lutheran journalism, Metro Lutheran does not solicit funds from any churchwide, district, or synod offices. In fact, throughout the history of the newspaper, there has only been one instance of any church body donating money to Metro Lutheran. This is as it should be. This is your newspaper and its value would be diminished if it were unduly influenced by any church body. Today is your day. Do you think someone else will take care of it? Please wait! Metro Lutheran needs you!
Now … wait no longer. Provide a tax-deductible financial gift to Metro Lutheran today. We sincerely thank you.
David Neuger is the volunteer treasurer of Metro Lutheran and a member of the board of directors.