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What’s in a number?

The January 2010 issue of Metro Lutheran marks the printing of the 25th issue of the newspaper since I began as editor. More importantly, this issue marks the beginning of the 25th year of Metro Lutheran’s publication. The Rev. Norman Kretzmann and a group of about ten other Lutheran leaders decided in 1984 that a common voice for Lutherans in the Twin Cities area could increase understanding, creating the possibility of new opportunities for ministry in future years.
Much has happened in the ensuing years. Time and energy has been spent on mergers and schisms, on hymnals and study Bibles, on budgets and on advocacy. And, still, Lutherans have a meeting ground here in the pages of Metro Lutheran.
I am willing to concede that no reader (including the editor) agrees with each opinion expressed here. I am sure that each of us could point out a feature or a column or a cartoon that we didn’t especially like, and maybe even felt crossed a line. There are probably even ads that some people don’t appreciate.
But, this editor believes, the Lutheran community in Minnesota and western Wisconsin is better off having a place to find news and information for and about other Lutherans. And, if nothing else, perhaps those readers at least appreciate knowing where the next lutefisk supper will be!
An honor to serve
Serving the Lutheran community is an honor. To be present during deliberations at five national assemblies of Lutherans this summer and fall (and present via a live Web cast of another) was thrilling. I can honestly say that we as Lutherans may disagree deeply, but we do it well.
I have been in almost 100 Lutheran churches in the last two years. I have been on seven Lutheran college campuses in Minnesota (if you count Luther College which is almost in Minnesota). I have been at numerous Lutheran Social Service offices, and in several Lutheran hospitals. Lutherans in this area truly have no shortage of stories to tell. And Metro Lutheran will continue to tell those stories.
We can use your help. It is a challenging time for newspapers. The economy has caused a temporary downturn in advertising revenue. We ask our readers to help make up that loss in funding. Please consider getting our 25th year off to a good and healthy start with a donation to Metro Lutheran.

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