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Counting on our future together

David Neuger, treasurer of the board of directors of Metro Lutheran used this space in October to say “it’s your time to step up.” He laid out his ideas about what Metro Lutheran offers the Twin Cities area and why Lutherans should support it. In fact, he challenged readers to do so.
With humility and gratitude, the staff and board at Metro Lutheran thanks all those who rose to the challenge. The last year was very challenging to many nonprofit groups; Metro Lutheran was no exception. Many organizations that advertise in these pages also found their budgets especially tight, and so cut down on their advertising expenditures. Some groups did not survive the year.
At one point in the late fall, it was not inconceivable that what had been a cash flow problem could become a significant financial crisis for the newspaper. Truthfully, there were some sleepless nights.
And, while it is still a difficult economic environment and we did end the year significantly in the red, the immediate situation is not dire, thanks to the significant support of our readers.
As a faith-based enterprise, we moved forward with faith. And the faithful came through so that we can look to a new year with promise mixed in with the trepidation.
We are by no means out of the woods. But now we can concentrate on the individual trees.

The financial future … and faith

There are many reasons we are in this shape. First, the board of Metro Lutheran took significant leadership in this effort. In addition to providing other leadership gifts, financial donations by board members were up 32 percent in 2009. Our survival would not be possible without this volunteer leadership.
The late Norman Kretzmann, with his wife Jeannette, named Metro Lutheran as a beneficiary of the memorial gifts in his honor. The memorials totaled $2,455 as of December 31, 2009.
We are also in debt to our advertisers. Since almost 75 percent of our income comes from ads, the advertisers’ commitment is essential.
And, finally, we are grateful for you, the readers (and occasional writers) of Metro Lutheran. Your contributions made up for much of the decrease in advertising revenues. Your dedication to this endeavor and your financial support are no real surprise; you have always been faithful.

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