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A festival of hymns

Mount Olive Lutheran Church cantor David Cherwien directs the massed choir for the Palm Sunday Hymn Festival. Metro Lutheran photo: Bob Hulteen

The staff and board of Metro Lutheran would like to thank all those who participated in the Palm Sunday Hymn Festival at Mount Olive Lutheran Church (ELCA) in Minneapolis. More than 250 people gathered to sing hymns in tribute to Dr. Paul Manz, the founder of the modern hymn festival, former cantor at Mount Olive, and Metro Lutheran Gold Pen awardee.
Choir members from the Association Free Lutheran Bible School served as the massed choir for the event. Current Mount Olive cantor and organist David Cherwien directed the choir and selected the music. Susan Palo Cherwien offered the reflections.
In addition to the inspiring words and music, the Hymn Festival raised more than $2,000 for Metro Lutheran.

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