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Coming soon: A new way to help Metro Lutheran

Thrivent Financial for Lutheran is launching a new charitable grant program and benefit of member- ship called Thrivent Choice (SM). Choice Dollars (SM) will be designated for some Thrivent Financial members when that portion of the program launches this summer. (Thrivent Financial member eligibility will be based on fraternal benefit society product ownership and Thrivent Financial volunteer leadership.) The helping direct Choice Dollars (SM) will be subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Thrivent Choice (SM) program.

This program replaces the popular Thrivent Giving Plus grant program, which concluded late in 2009. While launching at similar times, Thrivent Choice (SM) is a separate option from the Thrivent Choice (SM) voting event. (See “Thrivent members vote on $1 million for charities,“ page 20.)
Groups such as Metro Lutheran, which were not eligible for the voting event, are options for Thrivent Choice (SM) for those members who qualify. “Metro Lutheran is grateful for any consideration qualifying Thrivent members can give to this independent, pan-Lutheran newspaper,” said editor Bob Hulteen. “If you are a Thrivent Financial member who is notified this summer that you will be eligible to direct Choice Dollars (SM), we ask you to consider Metro Lutheran as you help direct Thrivent Financial’s charitable funds.”

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