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Fondly sent ‘with fire in the belly’

Metro Lutheran photo: Bob Hulteen

Friends and colleagues greeted the Rev. Cherian Puthiyottil (center) as he was honored by the board of Agora Ministries for his years of service. The recognition was held June 13 at Central Lutheran Church (ELCA), Minneapolis, where Puthiyottil once served as pastor. He founded Agora, which means “marketplace,” in 1999 as a vehicle to meet new American immigrants in the places in which they lived their lives. In her remembrance, long-time Agora colleague Karin Abel called Puthiyottil “God’s best cheerleader,” and reminded attendees of “Cherian’s favorite encouragement: ‘Make a friend; be a friend; bring a friend.’” Puthiyottil announced his plans to retire about a year ago. The Rev. Sharon Baglyos has been selected as the next executive director of Agora Ministries.

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