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Bob Hulteen

It’s a new year, a time for re-evaluation and self-reflection. This year, perhaps having spent so much time thinking about Metro Lutheran’s 25th anniversary (as well as the 25th anniversary of my wife and me), I am asking myself questions about core values.
Today I am thinking about the core value of “From the Editor,” the commentary you are now reading. Just whose column is it anyway?
Since my mug shot is immediately to the right, I guess it would be possible to assume that it is my space to editorialize.
Then again, the banner says “From the Editor.” It doesn’t say “From Bob Hulteen.” So, this space is more than just my opinion. But, does that mean the thoughts expressed here represent the “official” positions of Metro Lutheran? That is a task for which I don’t feel equipped. After all, Metro Lutheran represents a broad range of perspectives about what is happening in the Lutheran church.
When I write this “editorial” each month, I assume that I am giving you, the reader, an opening into how I, the editor, think. I consider it my responsibility, my calling even, to be fair in the news and perspectives covered in Metro Lutheran. But I am limited, and so it is best that readers have the opportunity to see bits and pieces of the editor in order to be good consumers of the news.
“From the Editor” is a handle on the editor.

Whose opinion is it?

What about the other commentary articles? Truly, none represent the opinion of all Metro Lutheran readers. I doubt that any editorial represents completely the perspective of every board member. But, each article represents a legitimate Lutheran perspective that will encourage all readers to further consider what they believe.
To further explain this, Jason Scherschligt, chair of the editorial committee, offers guidelines that you will see on the editorial page of future issues:
Metro Lutheran recognizes that Lutherans may have differing, even directly conflicting, points of view on a variety of issues, both practical and theological. The purpose of our opinion pages is to provide a forum for revealing and discussing this breadth of viewpoints. Our standard for publishing opinion pieces is a combination of the coherence of the argument, the good-faith effort of the author to present his or her view with humility and respect, and our editorial staff’s confidence that the writer represents a perspective that is shared by a portion of the Lutheran community.

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