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Grand View’s name change signaled new opportunities

In 2008, Grand View College became Grand View University. The new name didn’t imply a change in its relationship to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Instead it reflected an expansion of the school leadership’s self-understanding.
We experienced really explosive growth,” explained Carol Bamford, vice president of marketing for Grand View. “We have been growing like crazy.
Bamford believes the growth is attributable to “adding academic programs, adding sports programs, and seriously expanding the residential space.” She adds, “Our price point really makes us one of the best values in the Midwest.”
That is an increasingly important consideration, she believes, as people are still somewhat unsure about the economic recovery. “It used to be that ‘college consumers’ would look at a price and say, ‘[that school] is really expensive, so it must be good.’” She thinks higher education, much look consumer electronics, is being looked at differently now. “People no longer assume that high price equates [to] high value.”
Evidence seems to support Bamford. Grand View easily fills its existing dormitory capacity, even with the expansion of living spaces. She believes that student housing will still be “very tight, even as we open another student apartment building this fall.”
Bamford also pointed to Grand View’s success in several sports — most notably wrestling and track — as a sign of growth for the university. Grand View recently received the Midwest Collegiate Conference Commissioner’s Cup, the award for the top conference sports program.
“Since we are an NAIA school, as opposed to an NCAA–Division III school, we can offer scholarships to our student-athletes.”
Grand View University is located in Des Moines, Iowa. For more information, go to

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