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A year’s worth of sermons in one week

It is not often that one can hear sermons by Barbara Brown Taylor, Otis Moss III, Walter Brueggemann, Anna Carter Florence, Brian McLaren, Lillian Daniel, Mark Hanson, Diana Butler Bass, and Will Willimon in person during the same week. But such an opportunity will soon avail itself to Twin Cities residents.
The Festival of Homiletics, an annual national preaching conference, will be held May 16-20, primarily at Central Lutheran Church (ELCA), Minneapolis. Other downtown congregations will also serve as host venues for certain sermons and lectures.
“We have people, from Unitarians to Baptists, coming to the Twin Cities, and, of course, we have a lot of Lutherans and Presbyterians,” said David Howell, director of the Festival of Homiletics.
“Our goal is to bring together people with a wide variety of preaching styles and invite individual preachers to consider new methodologies of preaching,” Howell told Metro Lutheran.
The cost for the conference is $265 per person, or $500 for two colleagues. For more information, visit To register, send payment to the Festival of Homiletics, PO Box 843, Amelia, VA, 23002, or call 1-800/866-8631.

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