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Father’s Day Hymn Fest to feature David, Susan Palo Cherwien

David Cherwien

The Rev. Mike Edwins, a member of Metro Lutheran’s board of directors, announced that the newspaper would again sponsor a Hymn Festival in 2011. “Last year the Metro Lutheran Hymn Festival ‘inherited’ the tradition of a Palm Sunday event, much as Paul Manz originally presided over,” explained Edwins.
“This year we decided to go with a Father’s Day and Midsummer theme,” he added. The Hymn Festival will be held at 4 p.m. on June 19 at Mount Olive Lutheran Church, 3045 Chicago Avenue South, in Minneapolis.
“Last year’s hymn festival was so popular. A full sanctuary makes for good singing,” Edwins said. “So we have asked Susan Palo Cherwien and David Cherwien to participate again.”
David Cherwien will be leading the songs, and shedding new light on some old favorite hymns, as well as introducing some new ones. Susan Palo Cherwien will offer the reflections that will tie the music together. “She is very thought provoking,” said Edwins.
“This year’s hymn festival will be on Trinity Sunday,” David Cherwien told Metro Lutheran. “So there will be a tie to the number three. But you will have to attend to find out what that means.”
“We will be looking at various Trinitarian hymn texts,” added Susan Cherwien. “I usually  meditate on some key words of a text, and then try to write a reflection that will open up the text in a new way for everyone, myself included.
“We need to hear texts again because some of them are like wallpaper; we no longer notice them. By putting out aspects of hymn texts through the reflection, I hope we can enter into the hymns with a new sense of encounter, a new experience.”

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