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LSS honors financial service awardees

Staff members representing Affiliated Community Medical Center, Willmar, Minnesota, and LSS Financial Counseling celebrate with Affiliated is recognized with an LSS award for financial counseling advocacy.

Representatives of Affiliated Community Medical Center (ACMC), Willmar, Minnesota, were among a group of organizations and individuals honored recently by Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (LSS) for work in financial service advocacy. LSS Financial Counseling honored these community advocates “for their extraordinary commitment to people … looking for a place to turn when facing foreclosure, medical debt, or substantial loss of personal assets due to a financial scam. Dan Williams of LSS Financial Counseling, said that ACMC “demonstrated [its] commitment to the financial health of [its] patients and the financial wellness of [its] employees” by including financial care in its approach to health care. Others garnering similar recognition were Peter Shaw and Jacob Kraus from the Minnesota Attorney General’s office for their work with seniors overcharged on reverse mortgages; James Arlt, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, for fighting against lottery and sweepstake scams; Kari Rudd, an attorney with Housing Preservation Program, for foreclosure prevention work; and the Minnesota Home Ownership Center for foreclosure prevention counseling.

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