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A collection of peace portraits

Minneapolis photographer John Noltner will release his book A Peace of My Mind November 3 with a book release party at The Southern Theater in Minneapolis at 7:00 p.m. “A Peace of My Mind” is a 120-page book that features the black-and-white portraits and personal stories of 55 individuals who answer the simple question, “What does peace mean to you?”
Since 2009, Noltner has photographed and interviewed Holocaust survivors, refugees, political leaders, artists, homeless individuals, and others, asking them to reveal what peace means to them, how they work towards it in their lives, and what obstacles they encounter along the way.
The result is a stunning collection that acknowledges the challenges we face as a society, yet builds hope through the inspiring stories of people committed to peaceful tomorrows. In 2010 the series was produced as a traveling exhibit with funding from the Minnesota State Arts Board and has captivated audiences at venues throughout the Midwest.
The book will be available through the artist’s website,, beginning November 4.
“Too often we are asked to look at what separates us in life,” Noltner said. “This book asks us to consider the common humanity that unites us.”
For more information on the exhibit that is the centerpiece of this book, see “Art pieces that surpass all understanding” (Metro Lutheran, August 2011, page 11).

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