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When I was very young, I was absolutely certain that I would be a forest ranger. When you grow up around Bemidji, it makes sense to seek out work that has you in the woods. After all, you can’t really see the forest for the trees.
Then, in about third grade (thank you, Miss Bottnen), I started realizing there was a big world out there. So, I traded in forest rangering for becoming a game warden in Tanzania. (And, to this day Tanzania is the global spot I am most attracted to.)
But, when I really started considering careers, while in high school, I decided that journalism was my true love — at least as a career. I avidly watched news programs on TV. I read at least one newspaper every day. I think now I would be called a “news nerd,” but then I was just a “news junkie.”

Bob Hulteen

I worked on the high school paper, and my first on-going full-time job for pay was writing for The Mandan News and Finder, my hometown newspaper in North Dakota.

Then, in about third grade (thank you, Miss Bottnen), I started realizing there was a big world out there.

I left for Concordia College in 1976 thinking I would follow the journalistic dream. But, there, I ended up concentrating on religion, classical languages, and humanities. I was in the pre-seminary club. But before making that career commitment, I decided to take off a year to serve the most vulnerable people in Washington, D.C., with an organization that also published a magazine called Sojourners.
I ended up back on a journalistic track, never making it to seminary.

Finding vocation as a Lutheran journalist

I share all this to show my long-standing passion for the work of Metro Lutheran. This newspaper brings people together in a unique way to tell stories about Lutherans (or people who love Lutherans); it shares the wide variety of views that are held by people who share a name in common. Metro Lutheran is an independent voice about all things Lutheran.
Every day I meet others who share a passion for Metro Lutheran’s ministry. I hear anecdotes about how specific articles have impacted a person’s perspective.
If you appreciate the work of this newspaper, I am asking you to do a couple of things. If you can, support us financially. We could use such contributions. But also, share with us what is important about this work. Send a testimonial about what you most appreciate about Metro Lutheran. Such contributions, while not paying the bills, surely shape our future.

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