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So many untold Lutheran stories

Do you remember the popular 1969 film If It’s Tuesday, This Must be Belgium? Well, friends, if it is October, this column must be a request for financial contributions.
Every financial conversation about Metro Lutheran starts the same these days: There’s good news and there’s bad news.

Bob Hulteen

The good news is that the financial stresses that in 2010 began in June have been delayed in 2011 until October. We are in a significantly better place than a year ago.
The bad news is that, after several difficult financial years, Metro Lutheran must end the year in the black (income over expenses) if we are to survive.
The end zone isn’t as far away this year as last; that’s good. But it is essential to score a touchdown in 2011.
I am coming to readers asking for your help to make November a corner-turning month for Metro Lutheran. There is so much anecdotal evidence about how much people appreciate having a resource like Metro Lutheran. There is nothing like it — bringing together so many different types of Lutherans — anywhere in the country.

There are so many worthy groups to support

Now, I confess that I need to give myself a pep talk before asking for financial support in such challenging times. It’s not that I don’t believe in giving; it’s that I am overwhelmed by the need.
Lutheran World Relief (LWR), the best relief organization in the world, in my opinion, has just made a request for funds to help alleviate the devastation currently being experienced in Somalia. Children are dying there; lots of them. How can we sit by without responding? (Please consider contributing to LWR.)
Closer to home, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (LSS) is revered across the nation and by a wide variety of nonprofit social service groups. It is renowned for its creative, entrepreneurial responses to the powers and principalities that impinge on people’s lives. LSS is especially creative in its work with homeless young people and people with disabilities. (Please consider contributing to LSS.)
Personally, I am so impressed with the ministry of Lutheran Summer Music (LSM), offered by Lutheran Music Program. LSM brings together young musicians to make music together, learn skills, and experience a life of faith. (Read “Experiencing musical engagement, faith formation” for the results of LSM’s recent survey of program alums.)
Each of these organizations, and many more including congregations and colleges, soup kitchens and shelters, are deserving of support. About 80 percent of Metro Lutheran’s advertisers are nonprofit organizations that readers of the newspaper favor.
I don’t want Metro Lutheran to compete with these remarkable groups. I want you to support them out of your right pocket. Be generous. Serve the poor, the young, the elderly, the vulnerable.
But Metro Lutheran, one of your best sources of information about these groups, as well as an independent voice within the pan-Lutheran community, also needs your support.
Please consider what you have in your left pocket. Do you believe that Metro Lutheran is a valuable resource for the Twin Cities Lutheran community? As 2011 comes to a close, please consider a generous donation. We still have stories to tell.

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