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WELS congregations in Canada take step to form own organization

Acknowledging the unique situation of the 16 congregations and single preaching station located in Canada, Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) congregations there began to meet together several years ago under the name WELS-Canada. At its annual general meeting in October, WELS-Canada took its first major step in the direction of becoming an independent Lutheran church body in fellowship with WELS.
The first step in this process came about when WELS-Canada resolved to become a mission district of WELS. As a mission district, congregations in Canada would remain attached to their current districts for doctrinal supervision, but they would work together more closely in making decisions regarding the establishment and support of mission congregations and in addressing uniquely Canadian circumstances affecting congregations and their members.
The mission district status is intended to be temporary as WELS-Canada works to become an independent sister synod of WELS in the future. This intermediate step would provide time for WELS-Canada to address issues and make plans for future independence. If these plans cannot be carried out, WELS-Canada would continue as a mission district of WELS.

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