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Will Steger to address climate change

World famous polar explorer Will Steger has literally been to the top of the world. His experience of witnessing firsthand the changes in the global icecaps has spurred him to become an out-spoken advocate for efforts to lessen what he believes will be a catastrophic impact of climate change.
Steger will offer his eyewitness account and share his passion at two events sponsored by Lutheran Coalition for Public Policy in Minnesota (LCPPM), according to the Rev. Mark Peters, the group’s director. The first event will be held December 7 at Trinity Lutheran Church, 111 North 6th Avenue, in Princeton, Minnesota. The second will take place December 8 at St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, 501 NW 16th Street, in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.
In Princeton, the Rev. Chris Manisto, a pastor from Cambridge, Minnesota, will add a faith perspective to the presentation. In Grand Rapids, the Rev. Thomas Aitkin, bishop of the Northeastern Minnesota Synod of the ELCA, will share how people of faith can be involved in this effort.
Peters believes this is an all-ages event, with several churches planning to bring youth groups.
LCPPM is an advocacy organization representing the six ELCA synods in Minnesota. Peters suggests, in preparation for this event, that attendees visit the LCPPM website,, to review the myriad social statements passed in recent years by Minnesota’s six synods.

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