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Local congregations and Togolese families assist needy students in Togo

The Non-Governmental Organization named Action Against Poverty–Togo (ACP), with financial support from the Lutheran Church of Christ the Redeemer (LCCR, ELCA) in Minneapolis and LCCR’s Togolese families, donated school supplies and teaching materials to more than 70 pupils and ten primary school teachers of Apostolic Evangelical Church of Assome and Bonougbé, Togo, on Thursday, November 24, 2011.
The $900 donation will support an initiative of the founding pastor Adossi Kudzo. Because of the limited financial means at the schools’ disposal, Kudzo decided to add the education of underprivileged children and orphans of these two villages to his pastoral duties. These villages do not have an adequate supply of electricity or drinking water for primary education.

Gifts provided by the Lutheran Church of Christ the Redeemer in Minneapolis and LCCR’s Togolese families were distributed to school children in November 2011. Photos provided by Lutheran Church of Christ the Redeemer

Students in precarious classrooms will now have enough books for reading, math, grammar, and conjugation. They also received drawing books, note pads, pencils and ballpoint pens, paper, a set of geometric rules, and other items needed to increase their chances for success in the classroom.
Teachers received educational books, geometry and algebra tools, three blackboards, and chalk that will support their efforts to be more effective in the transmission of education essential for the development of Assome and Bonougbé in particular and Togo overall.
Kudzo stated his gratitude to God for the material received for its schools from the people in Minnesota who have spared no effort to support action in a country they do not know. He is amazed that these people are sympathetic to the suffering of some who they do not know. He said that he hoped that this divine humanitarian action becomes permanent in order to relieve the school conditions for poor children and orphans of Assome and Bonougbé, because “they represent our future.”
Directors for both schools also have benefited from these donations. They reassure other donors that their gifts will be put to good use.
Students were also appreciative of the gift. According to Kudzo, they were resolved not only to work hard but also every Friday to pray on behalf of donors so that the Lord may reward their generosity.

Students express thanks for the supplies sent by members of the Lutheran Church of Christ the Redeemer in Minneapolis.

Students were also appreciative of the gift.

ACP President Henri Lendi and Raymonde Akate, the organization’s public relation advisor, chose these schools for a reason. They were aware that, despite the limited means available to deliver courses, students in both Apostolic Evangelical schools have demonstrated significant success.
Assome has a population of about 800 inhabitants and Bonougbé has less than 300. Both villages are located in the prefecture of Zio, 35 kilometers (about 22 miles) north of Lomé, the capital of Togo.

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