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I support Metro Lutheran with time and money …

It's the stories

Roger Holland

God has touched our lives with love and grace and that blessing works its way out in many different ways. Each story and every article are meant to give voice to those blessings and to promote a better understanding between God’s people through information and awareness.
I know that supporting a newspaper with our time and money does not have the same heart appeal as the concern for the hungry or making a safe place for the homeless. But it is important that we are made aware of how God is blessing the efforts and answering the prayers of His people. We need to hear one anothers story and see how the gospel message of hope and forgiveness is passed between us.
Metro Lutheran not only gives the Lutheran community a chance to speak with one voice about the goodness of our God, but it also shows the wide diversity of opinions and thoughtfulness that challenge us to think and grow.
Roger Holland was elected to the board of directors of Metro Lutheran in 2005.

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