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Is today really yesterday’s tomorrow?

Editors who work for monthly publications have a hard time with time. We are always in three or four different months at the same time. (My profession reinforces the scientific theories that the universe bends in on itself; string theory isn’t lost on us.)
For example, two days after Valentine’s Day (so think mid-February), I will be putting the March issue on the website. But, in the day between I will be soliciting articles for the April issue (including a page layout) and planning possible articles for the May issue.
I suppose it is not that different for pastors who are thinking about a Lenten theme while they are putting away the Advent decorations. (And, back when I had more time for craft projects, I would be looking for Halloween fabric around Independence Day.)

Bob Hulteen

So I am complaining about the complexity of an editor’s job. I merely want to explain why it is that I am only now thanking you — the readers of Metro Lutheran — for your tremendous response to our year-end appeal for funds. What else is there to say but “thank you”?

In the black

As you may remember, Metro Lutheran had ended the last couple years in the red, putting us in a vulnerable position. Franklin Bank had explained that in order to continue our line of credit (which helps us make it through low-advertising issues) we needed to end 2011 in the black, income over expenses.
Readers responded. We needed virtually every check we received to meet the bank’s expectation, but we did make it. So, now in February, I am feeling that very late-November feeling of thanksgiving for the generosity of those who care about Metro Lutheran. Many times, it really feels like a family.
Of course, I also am reminded that we are now in 2012 — a leap year, a Summer Olympics year, and, yes, an election year. And, we will be asking for funds again; that is inevitable.
But today, as I write this, I am living in the moment. I am thanking God for the generosity of the people of God.

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