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Hundreds of Twin Cities faith leaders pledge to engage social issues as part of ISAIAH’s prophetic voice campaign

About 270 clergy and lay leaders committed to participate in the fall’s election with civility and clarity. Metro Lutheran photo: Bob Hulteen

More than 270 clergy and lay leaders from around Minnesota participated in the the Prophetic Voices campaign kick-off on April 26. Each faith leader was asked to commit to the campaign by increasing congregational participation in issues facing civil society.
According to organizers, Prophetic Voices is a movement to create a Minnesota where everyone can thrive. ISAIAH leader Aneesa Parks said, “Prophetic Voices welcomes people of faith into community-based and state- wide dialogues, and equips them with the resources and training they need to communicate, connect, and advocate.”
The campaign is sponsored by ISAIAH, Jewish Community Action, and His Works United, a coalition of African-American churches.

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