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Is that a new sheriff in town?

Metro Lutheran photo: Bob Hulteen

Larry Kounkel, the Rev. Sherri Sandoz, Chet Masteller, and Linda Ray discuss all the activities associated with the “Spring Fling Western Roundup” sponsored by Trinity Lutheran Church (ELCA), Monticello, Minnesota, on April 28. The Roundup included the Trinity Trot 5K race, cowboy music, a silent auction, and a Western-themed worship service on Sunday, with homemade saddles gracing the altar.
“The days of the Lutefisk Supper are over,” said long-time member Judy Kruse. “We had more people involved with this than we had with the [lutefisk] supper in recent years.” Spring Fling chair Masteller agreed. “The goal was less about making money and more about getting to include people. We wouldn’t mind making money, but we had people ages 18 to 80 involved in this event,” he explained. He predicts a follow-up roundup next year.

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