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Blank space?

This newspaper came into existence during a time when the Lutheran community was in a state of flux. In some ways, this is always true of the Lutheran community. But 1985 was a time when questions of “alignment” were on Lutheran lips.
I think that 2012 to 2014 will be a similar period in significant ways. There is a new sorting out of what it means to be different from each other and still Lutheran. (That’s not new; just read Mike Sherer’s column “When a Lutheran isn’t a Lutheran?” about similar struggles in the late 1700s.) “Who will be working with whom?,” is a question I ask myself frequently these days.
And, then, of course, there is the coming 500th anniversary celebration of all things Lutheran in 2017. Stories will abound then.

Some institutions are meant to last awhile and then come to an end.

But will Metro Lutheran be around to cover the celebrations and shifting nature of the Lutheran landscape?
I think that this news service has a good reason to continue. There are important stories to tell, important perspectives to offer. An independent Lutheran voice is both unique and essential during such times as these.

Bob Hulteen

If I didn’t believe this, I would pull the plug on this organization. After all, some institutions are meant to last awhile and then come to an end. I don’t think that’s true of Metro Lutheran.
But, the news service is struggling financially.
If you were considering sending a gift, now would be the time. If you were thinking of making a significant contribution to Metro Lutheran, now would be good.
If not, the blank space in this editorial might represent the future of Metro Lutheran.

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