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Martin Luther makes pilgrimage

The statue of Martin Luther on the campus of Concordia University, St. Paul, was moved August 14, to a position on Hamline Avenue. Photo provided by Michael Dorner

In 1510, Martin Luther made a notorious pilgrimage from Erfurt, Germany, to Rome. As an Augustinian monk, Luther wanted to share with the Pope suggestions for renewal of the church.
In 2012, the Martin Luther statue on the Concordia University, St. Paul, campus made a similarly dangerous trek. The statue, which has been a mainstay on the campus since 1921, was moved from its familiar setting in front of the university’s administration building to its new digs near the school’s library on Hamline Avenue.
The statue of Luther is more than 12 feet tall, containing 3,700 pounds of bronze. It stands on a pedestal of St. Louis granite six feet high, which weighs 40 tons.
According to Tad Dunham, the school’s communication coordinator, the weight of the base caused the movers some challenges, resulting in a long day of transition for the statue.

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