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Experts at merger

The Rev. Keith Olstad leads the procession back to St. Paul-Reformation Lutheran Church (ELCA), St. Paul. Photos courtesy of Linda Nygren

On Sunday, September 23, members of St. Paul-Reformation Lutheran Church and St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church, both in St. Paul, met at their respective congregations at 9:30 a.m. By 9:50, worship participants were on the march toward each other, as St. Paul-Reformation welcomed St. Matthew’s as the newest part of their merged worship community.
St. Paul-Reformation is located at 100 North Oxford, just one block off of Lexington Parkway.
Members of St. Matthew’s had made a decision to dissolve, but have been seeking a place to worship together. Although this is not officially a merger, members of both congregations are eager to welcome, and get to know, one another.
Once the two communities met each other on Snelling Avenue, they returned to St. Paul-Reformation for a festive worship, followed by a potluck and rally day activities.
This is the fourth time in St. Paul-Reformation’s 129-year history that it is joining together with another congregation. St. Matthew’s is 125 years old.

Members of St. Matthew's Lutheran Church and Spirit of Truth (an emerging church group birthed by St. Matthew's) process down Snelling Avenue in St. Paul toward their new congregational home.

Members of St. Paul-Reformation Lutheran Church greet the procession from St. Matthew's just a few blocks away from the St. Paul-Ref church home.

St. Matthew's pastor, the Rev. Grant Stevensen, embraces the Rev. Joy McDonald Coltvet, pastor at St. Paul-Ref.

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