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How well do you know Lutheran congregations in Minnesota?

This ELCA congregation is located in south Minneapolis. Metro Lutheran photos: Bob Hulteen

No one is likely to challenge the statement that there are a large number of Lutheran congregations in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Metro Lutheran delivers print copies of the newspaper to about 750 churches in the 20-county metro Twin Cities area alone.
But how well do Lutherans know their congregations? The editorial committee of Metro Lutheran has decided that it wants to find out … and have some fun doing it, according to Jason Scherschligt, chair of the news service’s editorial committee.
“Our editor Bob Hulteen gets to many Lutheran churches throughout the region,” Scherschligt explained. “He usually has a camera. So, he has been taking photos of many of these congregations.”
Scherschligt further explained that the editorial committee decided to use Metro Lutheran’s website and Facebook page to post photos, inviting its readers to guess the names and locations of each congregation.

Located in Mankato, Minnesota, this is an AFLC congregation.

“Starting November 1, All Saints Day, a new congregational photograph will be posted at 9 a.m. Readers can share information on the Facebook page to come up with the name of the congregation,” explained Scherschligt. “If no one comes up with the correct information, the editor will offer hints until it is clear which congregation it is.”
“I have photos of about 60 congregations around the state already,” said Hulteen. “I will be adding photos to the collection as I cover stories in various towns and neighborhoods. There will be photos from each Lutheran church body, and perhaps a little information about those bodies as well.”
A new photo will be posted each Tuesday and Friday. To view, readers should visit and www.facebook/metrolutheran.

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