Walking humbly toward justice

Faith, Social Justice, and Public Policy: A Progressive’s View. Gary E. Maring. Maryland: Maring Publishing, 2012. $14.95, paperback; $9.95 Kindle. 186 pages. www.maring-publishing.com.
Author Gary E. Maring, in the subtitle of his book Faith, Social Justice, and Public Policy lets readers know “where he is coming from.” Maring offers a progressive vision for public policy based on more than three decades of experience working with Luther Place Memorial Church in Washington, D.C.
The book’s strength is in its clarity of vision and strength of conviction in tried-and-true policies that make real changes in the real lives of real people living on the edge in the world’s richest nation. His Luther Place is one of the best examples of congregation’s finding creative ways to address real human needs. This book challenges the reader to became more deeply an agent of change within her or his congregation.
The work would benefit from a bit more flexibility in seeing the log in one’s own eye, in addition to the speck in the others. Acknowledging the shortcomings of a liberal policy agenda would strengthen the critiques of conservative proposals.
Still, Faith, Social Justice, and Public Policy is a signficant contribution to the discussion of faith-based activism. As that, it is a real contribution to all people of faith so engaged.

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