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LPGM commits to English training in India

Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry (LPGM), in partnership with the Arcot Lutheran Church (ALC) in India, has completed the five-year school project library program establishing 97 libraries in schools run by the ALC. Now this partnership is launching a new enhanced English program for the 25,000 students of the ALC School Project of Tamil Nadu called ENGLISH+.
ENGLISH+ was developed by the ALC School Project for use in its schools and is supported by LPGM ENGLISH + sponsors. It is an effective, well-researched, multi-sensory curriculum based on the most frequently used words in the English language, according to Mary Peterson, project administrator for LPGM.
ENGLISH+ jumpstarts learner capacity in understanding, speaking, reading, spelling, and writing. For children at the bottom of society’s pyramid, more English simply means more lifelong opportunities. English is the unifying language in India, and parents are passionate about their children learning English.

English is the unifying language in India.

“For my children, especially my daughter, English is key for their futures,” one mother told an LPGM staffperson. “Every day I do the very heavy work of carrying bricks and sand for construction projects. I dream of better lives for my children.”
The resources are designed to engage families as well. Captivating activity sheets are sent home for parent signatures so that learning is shared with sisters and brothers, friends and neighbors. The curriculum has been tested in pilot schools and the responses from teachers, students, and parents are overwhelmingly positive. The ENGLISH+ program is ready and waiting for all of the students as they return to school in June.
Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry is a movement that engages individuals and communities in transformational partnerships across the globe. According to its mission statement, LPGM is centered in faith, dedicated to service, and called to action by sharing resources and hope.

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