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The weapons of Jesus and Zimmerman

It has been a long time since I have read a more biased and misinformed editorial than “Stay in the car” in the August issue of Metro Lutheran (page 4). The author drew comparisons between the recent George Zimmerman murder case results and his own effort to assist a lady with a car about to be towed. He argued that both he and Zimmerman should have stayed in the car. Other than cars being involved in both situations, little common ground is shared between the two incidents.
The author’s gross bias against Zimmerman and his lack of knowledge of the Bible were profoundly displayed.
Zimmerman as a neighborhood watchman did nothing wrong. The FBI investigation, in which they interviewed over 20 residents living around the scene, found no evidence of racial bias by Zimmerman. The reported racial comment by the news media was found to be false and inserted by a member of the liberal-biased news media.

Stanton O. Berg

The Bible makes it clear that the “Prince of Peace” approved the use of swords, which in those days would have been the equivalent of modern day firearms.

When Zimmerman got out of his car and completed a cell phone conversation, Trayvon Martin suddenly appeared and belligerently demanded of Zimmerman, “Do you have a problem?” Zimmerman’s response was “No.” Martin then stated: “Well you do now” and with that struck Zimmerman in the face, knocking him down and breaking his nose. Martin, a much larger person, then sprang on top of Zimmerman and commenced to repeatedly smash the back of his head against the concrete sidewalk. Zimmerman, thinking he was being killed, screamed for help.
The use of arms to defend one’s own life has always been a valid defense. A friend of mine was the forensic pathologist who investigated this case and who also testified that the facts and evidence all corroborated Zimmerman’s story.
The editorial’s author then recited the biblical parable of the “Good Samaritan,” followed by a comment displaying the writer’s ignorance of the Bible: “How do followers of the Prince of Peace become heralds of violence?”
Well, Jesus was no dummy; he held a realistic view of the world in which he lived. Jesus lived in a time of violence where one could not call for police on a cell phone nor were there any friendly policemen on a corner waiting to help the citizen in need.
It was common in that day for the average person to be armed for his own protection. Even the oppressive Roman rule did not prevent the citizens from owning weapons such as spears, bows and arrows, and swords for their own protection and for hunting. (No registration of such arms was required; no waiting periods were involved; nor was there any requirement that citizens meet requirements of such laws as “Stand Your Ground Laws.”)
The Bible makes it clear that the “Prince of Peace” approved the use of swords, which in those days would have been the equivalent of modern day firearms. Please refer to the words of Jesus in Luke 11:21. “When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are safe.”
Again, in Luke 22:36, Jesus says: “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.” A man’s cloak was his most prized possession. It indicated his social status and displayed the colors of his family. A man without his cloak was spoken of as “naked” (1 Samuel 19:24 KJV). It was said that if one man took possession of another’s cloak during the day, he could not keep it until after dark because it was used as a covering when it turned cold at night (Exodus 22:26, 27). It becomes very obvious that Jesus told his followers to sell something very important and to buy a weapon with the money.
That is a rather interesting command from the “Prince of Peace.” I would call it practical for that period of time.
I am sure that all of Jesus disciples’ carried a sword for protection. You may recall that, on the night of Jesus’ arrest, Peter drew his sword until Jesus told him to put it away. You can be sure that more of the disciples than Peter were armed; after the above admonition, I am sure they all carried a sword. Even today, the statues that surround the Vatican show Peter with a huge sword.
As a Lutheran of many years, I am ashamed of Bob Hulteen’s display of liberally-motivated gross bias and his obvious ignorance of the Bible.
Stanton O. Berg is a member of Redeemer Lutheran Church (LCMC) in Fridley, Minnesota.

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