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Lyngblomsten CEO lives his faith at work

When the Corporate Board of Directors of Lyngblomsten announced the selection of Jeff Heinecke, current Administrator of Lyngblomsten Care Center, as President/CEO, they were likely very aware of his skill set and his aptitude. They may have known as well about his strong commitment to an active faith, an attribute consistent with Lyngblomsten’s affiliation with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. If they weren’t, then the board lucked out.

Heinecke has put feet to his passion, it seems. “Jeff has proven himself to be an outstanding and compassionate leader of the Lyngblomsten Care Center, always giving the dignity and welfare of our residents highest priority,” said Charles Norton, chair of the corporate board. Of the identified successes during his seven-year tenure with Lyngblomsten, Heinecke led the care center to a zero deficiencies survey by the Minnesota Department of Health in 2012, a rare achievement for any long-term care facility. Perhaps even more impressive, this is the second time in his career Heinecke was able to do so.

“Churches may hold the key to helping younger older adults find purpose in retirement.”

“I would say that anyone who has dedicated their career to serving seniors is doing God’s work,” Heinecke told Metro Lutheran. “While I do believe I have found my calling, I also believe the same can be said for the majority of our Lyngblomsten staff. When family members entrust the well-being of their loved one to us, I view that as an honor and a unique opportunity to share God’s love.”

Jeff Heinecke, president and CEO, Lyngblomsten; photo provided by Lyngblomsten

“I fear complacency more than failure,” proclaimed Heinecke, a perspective that should prove helpful as he sets to work leading the development of a new strategic plan for Lyngblomsten.

Congregational support

Under Heinecke’s leadership, there will be a renewed emphasis on congregational support for senior programming. “In recent years, Lyngblomsten has expanded its work with churches and helping any congregation interested in building its ministries for older adults,” Heinecke explained.
“We believe that churches may hold the key to helping younger older adults find purpose in retirement. The church can play a supporting role in the transition from working adult to retirement.”
Clearly, Heinecke admires the organization he is about to lead. “I am excited about the opportunity to continue my career in an organization that sets a high standard for quality in the services that it provides.
“At its core impassioned, creative, and loyal staff have led this organization. Continuing to foster the growth and career development of our employees should be our highest priority.”
“Lyngblomsten’s emphasis on person-centered care allows all individuals living on campus the opportunity to live out their faith, how they wish,” he continues. “Our chaplains help promote spiritual wellness by providing daily devotionals and weekly [worship services]. I have had the privilege of working my entire career in faith-based environments and believe that ‘Influenced by Christ’ should guide our strategic and operational decisions.
Heinecke took the helm as president/CEO in early September. Retiring President/ CEO Paul Mikelson will serve as an advisor until his retirement in mid-October.

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