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Minnehaha Academy takes steps to make private education more accessible

As Christians and educators, the staff of Minnehaha Academy strives to graduate dynamic Christian leaders who will have a significant impact on their communities and the world. For them, this starts with high-quality education that integrates Christian faith and learning. The leadership of Minnehaha Academy, a PreK-12 school located in Minneapolis, believes the foundation for future success begins in preschool and kindergarten and is then intentionally built on each succeeding year.
In order to provide access to more families in this foundational year, a kindergarten tuition rate of $9,900 has been established for the 2014-15 school year, reduced from $13,925. Minnehaha’s kindergarten program provides an intimate environment with high teacher interaction and opportunities for students to learn from specialists. Most important, according to Audrey Bergengren, director of marketing and communications at Minnehaha, students at this young age begin to discover the gifts God gave them and how to use them to serve others. Minnehaha’s administration and board of trustees want to encourage young families to explore the transformational education provided there. Further, they believe that expanding access to kindergarten furthers the school’s mission.
In addition, Minnehaha promotes socioeconomic diversity and access to the school, through a robust tuition assistance program to students in grades K–12. The school’s growing financial aid program awards more than $2 million in grants annually. The school encourages families of all income levels to apply. More information can be found at

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