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The final issue

The Metro Lutheran will cease monthly print publication with the April issue. The Board of Directors made this decision primarily because we were not able to stabilize our income as advertising revenue declined. All print newspapers face this same dynamic, and Metro Lutheran has not been immune.
Our mission to bring together news and views from all Lutheran denominations in the greater metro area has been a valuable contribution to the life of Lutherans here for 29 years.

Michael L. Edwins

Michael L. Edwins

The response from readers to this news almost always starts with “I’m very sad.” The Board shares this sadness, and grieves the loss of the voice of Metro Lutheran among us. Metro Lutheran was a model of collaboration among Lutherans in this area, Lutherans who are anything but homogenous. We represent a wide range of theological and civic perspectives and are, therefore, an important reflection of the culture of this metropolitan area.

An independent, pan-Lutheran voice

The board is deeply grateful for the leadership of the editors that have guided Metro Lutheran over the years. We especially thank Bob Hulteen for his years of service as editor and wish him well as he transitions to a new position with the Minneapolis Area Synod of the ELCA. We also express our gratitude to Jean Johansson for 24 years of service. She has been an important foundation for our work during every one of those years.
Norman Kretzmann’s original vision of bringing us together as Lutherans remains an important one. We hope that its expression will find life in a new form that will be financially viable as well as informative. As a board, we are so thankful to the donors, congregations, and advertisers who have distributed, read, encouraged, and supported Metro Lutheran over the years.
We are exploring alternatives to a monthly newspaper as an expression of the mission that ignited the paper. To that end, we encourage those who care about this mission to take a brief phone survey. Find the box on the front page of this issue, call the number listed, and respond to the prompts.
For more information and to receive updates on new formats for content delivery, visit the Metro Lutheran website ( and Facebook page (

Michael L. Edwins, a retired ELCA pastor, is president of Metro Lutheran’s Board of Directors.

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