Mission Statement

Metro Lutheran, an independent monthly newspaper, provides news and views on the ministries of Lutherans in the greater Twin Cities region.
(Adopted 21 November 1995)

Purpose and Policy

The purpose of Metro Lutheran is to provide factual information reflective of activities and concerns existing among Lutheran people, their churches, and their serving affiliates.
Metro Lutheran strives to maintain a high level of journalistic excellence. Emphasis is on news, human interest articles, and materials that deepen understanding of Lutheranism, its traditions, its history, and its ongoing work.
The policy of Metro Lutheran is nonpolitical and nonparochial. It seeks to inform its readers without presuming to advocate policies on issues which become subjects of public debate. Fairness and objectivity are the goals in the reporting of matters where Lutherans are in disagreement.
Metro Lutheran is supportive of Lutheran church bodies and the institutions and agencies through which they carry on their work.